How Do I Find the Right Lawyer?

Today we are going to address one of the first questions that must be answered before starting a legal process. We start from the basis that, in a trial, having a lawyer is sometimes necessary if you want to achieve something positive.

The “desire to represent myself” sounds very good in movies, in an act of heroism accompanied by epic background music. But in real life that person will end up losing the trial and therefore going to jail, paying a fine, or losing their assets. And the epic soundtrack will become a sad ballad!

Which type of lawyer?

Yes, you need a lawyer. But which type of lawyer do you need? There are many branches of law that cover all the daily realities, and also the number of different courts is considerable. It is easy for a normal citizen without excessive knowledge in legal matters not to know in which field his situation is encompassed. Moreover, the case may be complex and affect several types of professionals.

We want to help you clear your doubts and clarify the basic concepts of law so that you can expand your knowledge and be able to choose the best professionals according to your circumstances.

The common legal problems, what kind of lawyer do they correspond to?

The conflicts that arise daily are innumerable, as are the legal solutions for them. Think of everything that can happen to you when you leave home. Even in your own home! From problems with your community of neighbours, the tenant who does not pay, the mortgage that takes away your sleep because also at work they are proposing collective dismissals, a problematic inheritance, traffic fines, traffic accidents, reviews of contracts, payment of taxes … and this is just a small sample of the number of situations in which the services of a lawyer might be required.

In general, there are two laws that are fundamental to understanding the legal system: the Civil Code and the Penal Code. Below we give examples of each case within the main branches, although you will need the advice of a professional to know the particularities of your situation.

The Civil Code and family lawyers

The first, the Civil Code, details the cases of divorce, separation, and everything that has to do with the subsequent care of children in common: guardianship and custody, alimony, paternity and visiting rights, etc. These conditions are embodied in a regulatory agreement that will ideally be agreed by the two spouses, and if not, it will be the justice system that intervenes. In the same way, the economic regime that governs a marriage is also regulated here and how it dissolves in the event that the couple decides to go their own ways, in addition to everything concerning the defense of the child and even the possibility of adoption. All this block is encompassed under the so-called family law and it will be the lawyers specialised in this field who are better equipped to deal with your case.

The Penal Code

The Criminal Code is another leg of the legal system, which essentially details the behaviours that can lead a person to prison, along with additional laws, such as criminal prosecution, money laundering or the financing of terrorism.

This section includes aggression, threats, violence, robberies, murders, homicides, drug trafficking, and rapes, etc. Although it may seem something that is not typical of day to day life, the truth is that there are frequent cases of, for example, fights in a bar that end with someone injured by a knife, sale of narcotics, and, unfortunately, the gender violence that appears daily in our society.

Employment law, important for employees and employers

In essence, employment law regulates the relationship between the company and workers, so this branch will also be of great importance on a day-to-day basis, even more so in the uncertain years in which we live. Specialists in employment law deal with a wide range of issues such as labour disputes, contracts, and workers’ compensation. Also, there are personal injury lawyers who deal specifically with cases of workplace accidents such as slips and falls, accidents caused by defective machinery, employer negligence, and cases involving burn injury compensation or a burn at work compensation claim, among many other types of compensation cases.

A successful business does not survive without a good legal advisor

Another of the common circumstances in which a lawyer is going to be needed, and in this case also an advisor, is in everything related to company or business activities, regulated by commercial law. To start a business an entrepreneur needs absolute knowledge of the subject in which they will launch their venture, a lot of willpower and work capacity, and also know how to surround themselves with the ideal experts in areas which their personal knowledge does not extend.

It is always in your best interest to seek legal advice from an expert in the specific legal branch in which your case falls, to protect your rights, and to ensure a satisfactory outcome to your case.


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